In a competitive marketplace, it is as important for a candidate to impress an employer, as it is for the employer to impress the candidate. Brand reputation transcends the control of those who interact with candidates and often falls to the power of ‘word of mouth’. So, what are the public saying about working for your company? Have you got a good reputation? Needless to say, if no one has anything good to say about you, you’re going to be in trouble when recruiting. The good news is that it is possible to change the view of the public if their current outlook isn’t too positive. A respectable recruiter who has the confidence and ability to act as your brand guardian will help to put right any of your past mistakes.Below are the top five ways your brand guardian can improve the candidate experience.


Applying for any job can be a stressful experience. To reduce this as much as possible, your recruiter should ensure that candidates are contacted throughout the recruitment experience to guarantee that they are continuously in the loop of their application.Managing expectations in timescales and additionally ensuring that candidates are armed with all the relevant information that they require prior to each of the stages will promote your attention to the individual. Furthermore, even if a candidate is unsuccessful in their application, it is beneficial to address how long they will be waiting to hear back, this way you won’t have large quantities of candidates feeling that their applications have simply been ignored.

Slick Processes

It is crucial to make certain that the processes a candidate needs to follow to complete an application are straightforward and quick. Lengthy application forms could easily put people off!Recruiters should be aware that the shorter the recruitment process the better, holding candidates in anticipation of a role for an excessive period can result in them loosing interest.


Candidates like to know exactly what is going on – for instance, why a role has come up, what the assessment process is likely to look like, the company’s culture and values and what the benefit package looks like.They are more likely to trust an organisation who has been completely upfront from the start. Not only this, you’ll attract candidates who are the best fit for the role if they are fully aware of what the job entails. Consider, is your company culture tiring but rewarding? Or do you promote an emphasis on work-life balance? The better you inform your recruiters, the better they’ll inform your candidates.


Due to the increased number of counter offers being seen in the market place, the entire on-boarding experience is a critical time for how a candidate views the organisation they are joining. Keeping them engaged and excited throughout the process lowers the risk of them staying with their current company. This crucial time in the candidate journey starts from when the candidate has received an offer, and includes resignation management, updates on the employment checks and contact from recruiter/line manager during their notice period right through to their induction when they join the organisation.


Feedback is a vital element of the candidate experience, whether the candidate has been successful or not.It is important that unsuccessful candidates also have a great experience as these individuals will still serve as ambassadors for the company. This can be achieved by ensuring the provision of honest feedback on how they performed and how they could do better next time. Remember that even those who have been unsuccessful have still committed their time to the process, leaving them feeling appreciated for this is essential.

Remember :

The majority of job seekers are more likely to go back to a company that has given them a positive candidate experience when they have applied for a role.They are also more likely to recommend that company to a friend and speak positively about the company, irrespective of whether they were successful or not.Providing a positive candidate experience goes hand in hand with helping to build and compliment the employer brand.

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Abi Taylor, Recruitment Business Partner

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